Music 2

Your doses of good music to survive those Mondays .


009. Les Blues

1:01:09 minutes / June '16

In the mood for something French 🇫🇷, with the Euro 2016 and all. Vive la France!


008. Weekend Playlist

1:52:46 minutes / June '16

It's Friday. It's sunny. Work is almost finished. 29 songs to get you ready for the weekend.

007. Waking Up

1:48:14 minutes / November '15

20 tracks for those Sunday mornings when you are too lazy to wake up. Just grab your coffee and press play.


006. Happy

1:20:53 minutes / September '15

Curated this mixtape the week I was getting married. TBH, my wife made my choose this name.


005. Something

1:46:31 minutes / June '15

23 tracks. House, Tropical, Pop, Rap, Deep house. It gets you ready for the summer.